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potential in buying a new executive condominium EC

Potential in Buying A New Executive Condominium (EC)

Are you considering to buy a New Executive Condominium? In this article, we will be walking through some of the potentials in buying a new executive condominium, or commonly known as ECs in short. To cater for the sandwich class, government had introduced a property type, an executive condominium, which

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hdb contra facility

HDB Contra like a Professional

For many of us, selling our HDB is an easy task. The tricky part comes when we are buying another HDB at the same time and timing the transition to make it a smooth sailing shift. In this article, we will be touching on one of the commonly used facility,

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sell one buy two is it for you?

Sell One Buy Two – Is it Suitable for you?

By now, many of us should have heard of the heavily advertised term “Sell One, Buy Two” property investment strategy whereby a couple gets to own two properties without paying for ABSD (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty). We might still be skeptical on this approach, its feasibility and still have doubts

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“Always be prepared to start!”

Whether you are a first time buyer, existing owner looking to upgrade/ downsize or an investor planning to capitalize on the real estate market, it is always to be prepared before starting.

Understanding your financial health, the procedure, the transaction time frame as well as the risk assessment will double your confidence in taking the next step!

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