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Are you intending to sell your house? In that case, to calculate your property’s sales proceeds is definitely crucial even before you start to market your property. Understanding the financial details will put you in a more confident position and to better plan for your next housing too!

What Information do I need to calculate property sales proceeds?

  1. Indicative value / selling price of the property
  2. Outstanding loan amount
  3. Total CPF utilised including accrued interest by ALL owners

Indicative Value / selling Price

To find out your property’s indicative value / selling price, you can log on to HDB Past transacted prices or URA transacted prices records. To have a better gauge, work with the price transacted in the most recent 3 months.

Alternatively, you may obtain a SRX indicative value (as well as monthly updates via email and SMS) by clicking the mobile phone image or scanning the QR code.

Calculate Property Sales Proceeds Track Property Indicative Value

Outstanding Loan Amount

If you are current on Hdb Loan, you will need to log in to your HDBpage to retrieve the outstanding loan amount.

Otherwise, if you are on Bank Loan you may log in to your ibanking account or refer to the latest bank statement for the information.

CPF Utilised Including Accrued Interest

To obtain the CPF plus accrued interest amount, simply log in to CPF website. If the property has more than one owner, all owners are required to log in respective to check the amount. The sum of CPF utilised plus accrued interest of all owners will be used for the calculation

Calculating Property Sales Proceeds

Great! Now we have round up all the information we need. Simply deduct off  the Outstanding Loan Amount and Total CPF plus accrued interest utilised from the Property’s Indicative Value / Selling Price. The result if it’s surplus, will be your CASH PROCEEDS. However, if the proceeds are negative, it will be deemed as a negative sale.

calculate property sales proceed formula

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Negative Sales Proceeds

In the event of a negative sales, sellers may suffer a CPF Loss. Upon selling the property, the funds are disbured to redeem the following in order of priority:

  1. Outstanding Loan amount
  2. Total CPF accrued with interest

If the property is sold below valuation, you may need to top up the difference (Valuation  – Selling Price) in CASH

If the funds are insufficient to fully pay off (2) after deducting (1), it will be deemed as CPF loss. In this scenario, sellers will have to return all option and exercise fees received to CPF as well. Another important thing to note, if the property is sold below valuation, you may need to top up the difference (Valuation  – Selling Price) in CASH, subject to appeal and waiver on a case to case basis.

Other Variables That May Affect Your Sales Proceeds Calculations

To deduce a more precise calculation, you may like to include the following variables, if applicable, to calculate your nett cash proceeds.

  • Seller Stamp Duty (If applicable ~4 to 12% of selling price or valuation whichever is higher)
  • HDB Conveyancing Fees (~$400)
  • Private Lawyer Conveyancing Fees (~$2000)
  • HDB Admin Fee (if applicable ~$80)
  • Agency Fees (2% + GST)

If you are in a situation of negative sales or if your cash proceeds are insufficient to cover all applicable fees, the cost will then have to be from your own pocket.

Calculate Property Sales Proceeds

Final Thoughts

I always feel that it is vitally important to understand the finances as a pre-requisite to selling a house. With a deep understanding on the financial situation, it will be easier for you to make confident decisions for your current and your next property!

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Whether you are a first time buyer, existing owner looking to upgrade/ downsize or an investor planning to capitalize on the real estate market, it is always to be prepared before starting.

Understanding your financial health, the procedure, the transaction time frame as well as the risk assessment will double your confidence in taking the next step!

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